• A thin layer of natural diamond is taken as the seed.
  • The diamond seed is placed in the CVD plasma sector.
  • The same environment is re-created in the CVD reactor.
  • Carbon disintegrates to form layers on the diamond seed.
  • This results in a rough diamond, same as a mined one.
  • The cutting and polishing process is the same for both.
  • CVD diamond is a Type IIa diamond; the purest type.
  • It is 100% carbon composed with better shine and luster.

Birth of Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamonds are REAL diamonds grown by exactly replicating the diamond creation process from under the surface of the earth. It all begins with a natural diamond seed. The seed is placed in the CVD plasma chamber and an intense environment of temperature and pressure is created just like that found under the earth. Gases are infused and along with the right combination of pressure and temperature conditions, carbon formations develop into rough diamonds.

The chemical, thermal, optical, and physical properties of these diamonds are identical to that of natural diamonds - same size and same 4C's- Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat. Since they are not found in mines, CVD diamonds add another C to their definition - of being Conflict Free. But one main significance is that CVD diamonds are 100% composed of carbon and nitrogen-free. 98% of the world's natural diamonds contain nitrogen. Only 2% of the world's natural diamonds are the purest type, 100% carbon composed. World-renowned diamond grading & certifying labs classify these diamonds as Type IIa.

The shine, brightness & luster of Type IIa diamonds are significantly better than any other diamond. 100% of CVD diamonds are composed entirely of carbon and are classified as Type IIa. As a result, the shine & brilliance of CVD diamonds is unmatched and rare to find in their mined counterparts.